Monday, January 2, 2017

:: Tahun Baru 2017 ::

Tahun Baru.

Usually orang kan sibuk ngan azam ah resolusi lah, macam2.

Aku? Yang 2 tahun sudah pun tak tertunai full… separuh je.. tapi aci la dari tadek langsung. It’s been a while to wrote anything about me. Banyak bebel kat FB n IG. Kinda penuh cabarah 2015/2016 ni. Hopefully 2017 I’m gonna get my confident back. So, how are u guys? Already? Doing good? Hopefully so. Hoping that this year I’m gonna be healthier and richer. Ahahhaah.

So, I graduated as a master student last Nov 2015. And pejam celik pejam celik, tetibe da setahun…. Macam.. eh? Kau? Aku blom jumpak boypren lagik. Gimana nih? Ahahhahhaha. After done with my thesis correction in April/June 2015, I got a job at MIP. N it’s been approximately 1 year and 7 months working as a programme executive there. Having happy and sad moments in those months n it’s not easy.

The most difficult part is I shrew my half of my confident level when working here n all of them in this past few months.A bit hurt, here n there but life must go on.

Thinking to writing ablog again to ease the hurt feeling coz I no longer have time to go for squash n Zumba. N hell, it’s not fun at all being an adult/mature person.

How I wish I stay being a kid n not have much worries compared to nowadays.Too much commitment, too much though to satisyfy people and too busy to look after myself.

Really hope that 2017 will bring much joys and happiness in my life. Hoping for more nieces n nephews to come this year and I was thinking to wrote a kid’s story book defining about what is town planning.

It was a good suggestion from Moji actually, one of my friends from MBC. Thinking to add the illustration by my adik, Jannah. But still, counting my confident ability to be more stable not looking down at myself tho. Gosh it’s damage me to the core. But Allah is the best planner.

May This year I’ll found my soul mate and getting married next year. Ahaahhahhahah… my sisters kinda start fussy and start being a match maker. Ahhahahha.

I’ll tell u in another post my criteria of the soul mate later on k. Till then,

Happy New Year and Happy Holiday. Thank you for still visiting this blog and know what?
2017 I cannot get out from Malaysia due to my PTPTN issue… maka, mari kita mereput kat Malaysia. Ahahahhahhahah.


Anonymous said...

Sama-sama kak..saya pun dah lama xupdate blog..saje2 bkk blog tgok2 akak punya ada entry baru..cuba teka sape saya :)

Anonymous said...

hopefully you will find your love in the future.i always pray for you...

piGiEbeNg nAk bAyar uTaNg piTipiTipU