Thursday, October 15, 2015

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marking almost a year and 4 days in masihi , Ayahanda passed away.

People used to say that i can be a good story teller. But prior to Daddy's death, it's not easy to write stuff anymore. Glad that Allah plan it best as I got work n kept me busy. Kalau tak, macam baru lepas ba passed away.... everyday crying on regret thing i have no time to tebus and guna masa Ayahanda still in this world.

I can stay patience, but i REALLY hate people tell me to be patience. It's not easy you know, until now seeing anyone older just like Dad can make me stay n stare then cried. LoL... i know, creepy right... but then, that's it. seriously serious it's not easy.

it's been almost 5 months today i started my working environment too. To be honest, I feel blessed with Allah plan. Macam dia tarik satu nikmat tapi dia bg nikmat lain, who knows kannn~~~

I have a lots to tell but i'm gonna hurt  inside to wrote. so, nanti la eh.. see u again n please take care

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