Friday, February 14, 2014

tHanK yOu nOte

Opening and checking on Facebook today when they present me this video *double click the word* ommo... how cute, how sweet of u mark zucherberg... ahahhahha.. Thank you so much for keep me updating... I only remember that I start blogging on May 2008, tu pun sebab my sister, Hana masa tu kat Ozzy, dia suh buat blog jugak sbb dia keep story her life jadi baby sitter n mls nak bebel kat aku ym... ahhahahhaa... mula2 macam loser gile rasa sebab tak reti.. end up, I'm the passive-active blogging, dia da ke laut... ahahhahha.. but she's on IG now *Do follow her fannaa_ * which also influence me too.. kahkahkah... dia more into her dieting n healthy life style plus recipes, aku plak more towards 7F- Family, Friends, Fashion,Fitness, Figure-out-the-world (tru books n travelling) Flower, Food.... ahahhaha.. bajets je dua2 beradik, chooihhhhh~~~ so, again, Thanks to all... i mean for reading this short note  :)))

p/s: Take care and May Allah bless ^^

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