Thursday, January 2, 2014

iDaMan hAti gUa taHuN ni Wa caKap Lu...

Birthday prezzie idaman tahun ni (2014) weh!!!

yeah yeah yeah.. aku mmg suka berangan nak mende macam2... sebab dgn berangan2 la dia bagi aku satu determination yang akan tukar ke arah bekerja dengan lebih gigih untuk capai ape yang aku nak tu...serius.. tak tipu weh...bagus kadang2 berangan ni.. tapi kadang2 la.. tu pun aku masih sedar limit aku mampu capai ke tak... so this idaman kalbu? we'll see baby~~~ biar lambat asalkan aku dapat ape aku nak.. p/s: mende yang paling aku compon aku takkan dapat even da berangan berjuta kali pun- kawen ngan Bang Nuar.. kahkahkah.. ok tak lawak.. Fine~ LoL

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

:: hApPy tUzeRowAnfOr ^__^ ::

GoodBye 2013 and Hi 2014!!!



Kyaaaaaa.... It's already the new chapter in my life n new year!!! *oksigh* counting the days of my birthday .. LoL...

For the past few months, I'm getting stress not by what people asking "when u r going to get married"  but by the question of "when r u going to finish ur master? LoL... it's kinda lost nowadays with some personal difficulties n family matters plus the need to submit the master thesis notification maybe by January *supposed to submit earlier* . However, I just would like to acknowledge u guys who keep asking the latest question.....

You wont understand how hard for me to undergo this circumstances of taking master by research unless u put urself on my shoes plus, I'm a kind of student in average level, not a genius + smart lady... *sigh*...(to be said I ni lazy pun ye, tapi tadekla malas sampai tak pK mak bapak yang da susah payah tanggung kita ni...) It just that, aku memang buat kerja lambat... mende lain cepat je.. tapi kalau bab pelajaran ni... memang sumpah aku ni lembab... tak tipu... sumpah weh..

Dont compare me with someone who already have kids n still finish the master on time, or dun compare me with anyone u came across that already finish it by time...*hadoila*

I may look not so serious about my future, but I have my own plan A, B, n C for my 5 years, 10 years life plan...

So, pleaseeeee~ Jaebal.... let me be myself n stop asking those sensitive question... Ingat tanak habes ke buat mende alah ni? sakit otak tau? heh.. pui~

Therefore ending the new year wish cenggini je ha... korang baca la sendirik... aku bad mood, kahkahkah...

 till then, chowchinchow~~~~

piGiEbeNg nAk bAyar uTaNg piTipiTipU