Sunday, October 13, 2013

:: sTreSs-Dig-iN ::

Olla... it already mid of october... *sigh*

yup a quick post...really quick.

kinda packing clothes n tidy up the room now...

I'm gonna be back after Subuh today to my home sweet home - Kota Bharu with my sisters InsyaAllah~

It just that I'm also  having a dateline of Kota Kinabalu conference paper today... yes, definitely today October 13th, 2013.

the good part-  of course I'm gonna be home today...

the bad one- I dun even did the analysis part of the conference paper just yet..*sigh again*

n to think the part that i need to submit the paper today to my bos and all i'm gonna do is 6/7 hours journey by car on highway.... *throw out* (-___-')

Really distracted this week... having really really bad bad bad bloody moody every single day.. due to post menstrual time i guess.. *sigh again and again*

should not bother the feeling to be exact..

but i dunno.. kinda having too much thought of i'm not pretty myself lately.

100% gonna be dead if my boss call me on the Monday... Oh My God!!!

so, keep updated on blog coz i will switch off my hp because of this circumstance.. teheeeee...

p/s: mampos Bos da bayar fees conference rm1500... arghhhhh..stresss!!!

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