Tuesday, July 16, 2013

:: miSs ::

Missing the good old days~

Somewhere in front of Halal Restaurant in Hong Kong@ShenZhen *if i'm not mistaken* waiting for the bus to pick us during study trip to HongKong, Macau n ShenZhen

The Apartment in Repulse Bay Hong KOng, the reason of the hole in front of the building is due to the fengshui stated that there are a dragon live at the mountain at the back of the apartment n because in front of it is a sea.. so, the dragon will fly to drink... therefore they need the hole in front of the building... :)
Fruit Picking (Apple) during Autumn at Yarra Valley in Melbourne

Kangaroo Feeding at WildLife Park, Philip Island in Melbourne

I Love Snow but I hate Winter relationship at Lake Mountain also in Melbourne


Anonymous said...

alaaa..gmbr 1st mengingtkn sy pd hong kong...miss HK so much!!!

yg ikhlas,
zaleha kassim

p/s:mls nk sign in acc..hehehe

thE^DuCheSs said...

Leha!!! rindu semua orang yang g HK... sobs. bilo ntah bleh jupok semo studio mates lagi ramai2.. sobs

piGiEbeNg nAk bAyar uTaNg piTipiTipU