Saturday, June 29, 2013

1st TiMe ExpErieNce.....n It wAs tHe bEsT!!! kisah ptg semlm br bgn tido n mandi2.. lps solat zohor dpt mesej dr Mael....

"Kak Non..korang nk ikot tak teman saya tgk GIG mlm ni kat KL... kwn saya punya band"

Mula2 aku laju jawab taleh join sbb ada zumba selalunya buat 2 session hingga pukul 8 ++ mlm... pastu mael kata : "performance start kul 9...saya amik akak kat uia kul 8".. perghhhh~~~da tu aku ape lg....terus on la.... :p

Yela..on sbb depa perform kat satu restaurant Italy (Nero Fico) kat KL...bukan dlm club....i know where i stand bebeh... titik topik tu..heh...

So we went there around 8.15...dr uia..pastu sesat.. hahaha..sengal Mael...ralit borak sampai miss simpang..kehkehkeh...sampai2 dlm pukul 9++...Mael kata depa start kul 9.. tapi tadek nmpk btg idung since Mael nk belanja...kami pun menengok2 menu.

Dlm duk tgk menu tu...duk gelak gile sbb nm dish dlm bhs itali...sepatah haram tak tau amende since dia tadek gmbr...Min siap google bagai..haha...aku plak pilih je yg biase

Caesar salad as an appetizer n pasta penne ape kebende ntah nm dia for me,  while Min amik bolognese n Mael amik chicken wings n corn tortilla with beef bla bla bla...


So,..waiting for the food n for the gig to start, we were judging that how n what we gonna do if the food is bad n the band is suck? lol...n laughing crazily because Mael himself never heard them performing..heeee..

Around 10, Mael's frens start to do microphone n instrument check n we were introduce and greeting each other while waiting the singer ready.....n guest what!!!!

The band is super duper hyper terer best bester bestest like seriously I'm not lying!!!! n it's..........

I was like falling in love with a first sight n as they r a pop jazz band...they just put another bonus point in my consideration just because they play pop jazz.. ahahhahha.. and I'm a fan of this genre...... LoL

I really would recommend this band which consist of Kevin, Cliff, Farouk n Grace (if I spell their name correct)..go n check their FB *click on FAZZ above* as they r really really really super talented people. n I was amazed with Grace playing the keyboard, Farouk with the bass n Cliff with his drum!!! not to forget the beautiful jazz voice from funny cutey Kevin as a singer!!!

so my mark.... 10/10!!!! 
n guys!!! u r totally rock!!!! I LOVE FAZZ!!!

p/s: Do like Big & Small FB too as the Singer's voice is awesome!!!

Min, Me n Grace

Grace, Mael n Me

FAZZ duet with Big & Small Duo singers
Big & Small Duo 

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