Monday, April 15, 2013

Let uS taLk abOut zUmba!!!

oh my god, I'm excited!!!

ahahhahhaha.. ok sorry, memang kalau bicara hal zumba, aku otomatik jadik girang riang gembira kikilala... LoL... it's in genetic i think.. i mean, being kid... do love fun, right??? *ok stop, tadek kaitan... ahhahhaha*

salah satu sebab i join zumba dulu, coz i suka dancing... n zumba, part of teaching u staying fit and healthy... it also give u more benefit as well as making u relax and enjoy the day.. i mean, SERIOUSLY!!!

so, masuk April tahun ni, it's almost a year i join Zumba Fitness... bermula ngan tolong madam Shuha (ZIN) which is my lecturer back in degree time.... i am can call it a little assistant in organizing the attendance n bla bla bla...Nowadays, alhamdulillah we have 4 assistants overall who manages the attendance counter - Aina Bonita, Tuti Baila la Loca, Nonie de Amor & Rasya Duro.

From Left: Aina, Madam Tuti, Madam Shuha (ZIN), me, n Rasya

back then, the zumba for me is really familiar because my sister, Hana n and my sister-in-law Kak Zue, both of them are crazy about this fitness -masa kat Ozzy siap beli cd bagai, loncat2 dalam umah even skang my sister in law buat zumba kat opis sambil tunggu my bro abis ngajar budak2 kat kelas *both of them r UPM's lecturers*.. LoL...n for Hana, she did join zumba class kat gym dlm Paradigm mall siap ajak aku tapi selalu busy time weekend.. LoL

so, zumba in IIUM can be divided into 2, Zumba Gold and Zumba Fitness... usually zumba gold is for beginner who can't really follow the steps of the exercise, or the old folks who wanna join the zumba or even the kid who wanna try that thing... but, the person who already know how to follow the step actually can also join the zumba gold because it teach step by step routines in Zumba. For kiddo, there is also Zumbatomic *if i'm not mistaken* which also provided any kind of exercises that's really fun for kid to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Again, in IIUM, me, myself also join the Zumba Fitness every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday... with Tuesday and Friday are during the afternoon session 5.00-6.00pm, 6.00-7.00 pm *session 1 and 2* and Sunday morning at 8.30-9.30 am for Zumba Gold and 9.30-10.30 am for Zumba Fitness. The fees for these classes are RM64 per student (for 10 session) and RM96 per person (staffs and outsiders). We also have the 20 session fees which much cheaper RM112 per student and RM1** per staff/outsider *can't remember the price.. gonna update it later*. Regardless all the fees in lump sum, u also can walk in by paying RM8 per student, and RM12 per staff/outsider with the 1st timer person have to pay RM3 per student and RM6 per staff/outsider. These classes, usually limited to certain people by method 1st come 1st serve. You r also advisable to wear shoes or sandals as for safety reason. The venue is at Female Sport Complex Aerobic room *in from of swimming pool*. I was being told that, Madam Shuha also conducted a class on Wednesday at the room above the BABUSH restaurant (not really sure gonna update this thing also).

owh, please bear in mind,  "NEVER WORRIED" if u think u dunno how to dance or whatsoever, because our Instructor, Madam Shuha (ZIN) is really2 fun and happy go lucky instructor that u will start to adore her at ur 1st class. I am also 1005 sure even u hardly following the steps/ routines of certain songs,u will just shaking and laughing at the same time when u heard the songs played... LoL..Practice make Perfect, dun u think? hehe

ahah, n here r some of Zumba wears that really make my eyes *sparkling* when i stop to window shop or just madly shopping *LoL* at this SHOP

Below r all the pics from the shop that i stop ..hehe.. *refer to above link provided*

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