Monday, March 11, 2013

tHe reD hOt seXy kUruNg mOdeRn... :)

I would like to thank ' thesweetkurung ' *g LIKE fb diorg HERE* especially azza farah nadia sbb reka bj bridemaids i....actually bj ni jugak bj ms jd bridemaids yan january aritu tp ms tu tak letak lace lg sbb tak untuk wedding zila we decided to recycle jimat n budget tak here the pic of the it so much~

amik gambar dr instag je... LoL..
the lace and beads added
p/s: do not ask why the colour is differ bcoz it was due to the low quality of hp camera.. LoL.. blom cukup kaya nak pakai galaxy camera beb... LoL~

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