Monday, December 3, 2012

T.W.I.M.C (nOnie,2012)

3 Disember....

n u noe how much this date means to me...

To whom it may concern,
i am really wish i go with u to the heaven,
i am really do feeling a little bit abandon,
i am really think u left me alone,
i am really cry until it's dawn,
i am really want to believe that u r none,

But to whom it may concern,
i'm really know that u never known,
i'm really care what u have done,
i'm really feel u never left me behind,
i'm really need to stand still n be strong,
i'm really sorry for not being concerned.

And to whom it may concern,
i am really proud having u as my parent,
i am really happy to gain all the experiences,
i am really have fun being the chosen one,
i am really excited learning all the lessons,
i am really really really love you to the maximum.

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