Tuesday, December 4, 2012

*mOoD sEriUs *

Sesi Luah Perasaan and a novel promotion.. heee~
Salam alaik people,

Hi, rancak betul awal bulan ni kan? LoL... nak buat macam mana idea mencurah2 plak2 hujung2 tahun ni.. hp ade kat tgn almost 16 hours per day... harus la ade idea terus key in masuk blog... :D

Arini, i’m gonna mix the languages sebab eksaited sesangat... n i will do a review on one novel that i just bought tonight kat MPH AEON Wangsa Maju.

So, actually i was following this author dr Penulisan2u lagi sebab she used to comment on another favorite blog author that i've followed *Kak Hanina Abdullah*.. therefore, i noe her. So, after like past fews months continuing her chapter in Penulisan2u... lama tu, dia macam stop. N it’s my habit to bookmark the novel that i found interesting n wait patiently for their book to be fully finished n published.

Before that, need to remind u, people laugh when they heard that u r really a very2 “hantu" novel melayu...n since I am the person who really soooooo deeply into a Novel Cinta... that makes it funnier to the people around me because it always a cliché for typical malay authors buat story merangkumi cerita2 sama yang  diulang tapi berlainan cara. I noe that, because in Malaysia, certain novel authors mungkin tak dapat peluang untuk lebih mendalami bidang penulisan before they were credited to be an author... kiranya tak diberi pendedahan yang mencukupi seperti penulis2 luar Negara.. i think so...but in my definition that my mom uses to teach me even people laughing right on ur face, even ur besties laugh harder and even ur siblings sometimes scolding u for buying those “riducilous” book n membazir  katanya "Jangan pandang enteng bende bodoh sebab kadang2 bende bodoh tu la sebenarnya yang banyak ngajar kita"...... *thank you Mum love u so much*...

so, here I am keep buying/ reading / internet browsing  the cerita/novel yang orang cakap bodoh n tak masuk akal like my besties used to ejek me walaupun boleh agak ending dia cam selalu sama je tiap buku... n kalau rasa menyesal beli pun, for me only for few days of perasaan kecewa, pastu da tak heran...To be honest, When talking about love story novel, if i bought a novel which is so much mengecewakan... the only thing that i used to say is this...

"Owwoh bodonyo nonie beli novel gapio gini nih???? Cito supo tulo yo jah..po cihhhh haish!!!" * n keep bluffing it on twitter n started to laugh harder crazily*

it just because I love to read the book that doesn't relate me much to my master thesis... LoL...so again, at the end.. still, yes STILL, i keep buying those stupid novels... *according to my besties*n keep reading them LoL..It always happen likes that... bukan sekali dua, tapi banyak kali.. because i’m the person who need almost 2 novels a week or 10-12 novels a month or at least the minimum 4 novels a month.n i blamed my action according to this stupid novel reader addiction n it was actually/also my method to reduce the stress that bugging me on some circumstances..

I mean to put it in a best way.. for example.. when u say that what u read is the most stupid book... to say it in another way, the author is actually showing us the part that we dun see... which is, she/he is the braver person personally than i do because at least she got the book published n make people read..:) ngerti ngak kamu aku maksudkan apa? see what i mean? So, meaning.. I am stupider/ coward than the authors are.*used to buy teenager's novel tup tup bila baca2 biography... dia lahir tahun 1991.. tak ke ko gelak guling2 rasa bodoh nak mati baca novel yg adik2 karang2* tapi kalau dipikirkan logik, kalau Nabi Muhammad s.a.w boleh terima idea budak kecik, kenapa kita, org biase yang tak sempurna macam nabi ni, nak belagak sangat pandai dan ade rasa taleh baca novel budak kecik tulis... i mean, tu after fews days of muhasabah diri la kan...
I used to ask mum, macam mana nak handle orang yang kalau tiap kali dio tgk kita beli novel melayu, or novel omputeh yang diorg suka cakap, nonie memang, suka baca novel2 ngarut2 cite tak logik orang kaya handsome nak kawen ngan org cantik je *tipikal malay novel* n suka baca bende lucah2 macam tu *which usually the English novel have*... yang mana after that insulting*sorry kalau terasa..but my ustaz said, bagus hati ni terasa, at least kita tau hati tu hidup* time over, they really laugh gile2 sampai mata berair2... i wrote the phrase because it happen to me.. a lots, since i started to fall in love reading novel in standard 3. Guess what Mak Bonda said.. laugh with them, at least when u dun take that seriously.... u heart dun hurt much. So, that what i do.. GO WITH THE FLOW... if they laugh a lots, u laugh a lots too.. if they keep insulting... then insult urself too....hehe... see the method? it's better right?

Because Mommy said, different people, have different opinion, and even have different choices. sebab tu kita tadek reason nak marah diorg kalau diorg kutuk kita suka apa yang kita buat skarang... or i would like to say that how much i insulted my sister, Hana for being too much involved with Adam Lambert n how she replied back insulting my Anuar Zain... i think we are equal.. ahhahahhahha...N for that, i think that maybe the reason on y Allah creates us differently.. ade rambut hitam, ade rambut blonde, ade rambut merah... n yes, different races too.. even differ religions.. n it DID make the life wonderful.. kan? Isn’t it? Ke haku je Pikir macam tu? LoL 

The part that i say how stupid i am, for buying certain stupid books....just put it this way... dun regret, because at least, u put a penny on someone else rezeki...teheeee~ kan? it can be part of sedekah... remember that Niat is everything.. :) ..... Apart from that because when we redho.... the hikmah will be shown automatically. Believe me..i've gone through those.. LOL

So, talking about the book.... it was entitle THE WEDDING BREAKER by kak EVELYN ROSE n Subhanallah, read the book.. may be part of the prologue and introduction is a little bit similar or typical Malay novel, but the rest... it really give u on how educated author wrote the novels. It teach on how to set up an Islamic family and advices, what a wife or a husband need to learn before totally being spouse will be heard my frens said: suka la tu cite2 gitu tu..... n to those i wanna replied, i really am.. sebab umo da nak masuk 27 n need to be ready being a wife, in laws, and a mother. So, for the rest of the novel, u need to go to the nearest bookstore, buy n read the book because i really learn alots regardless the author is a kelantanese and at the same age of me ..... :)

N honestly, even though i am the one who also read some motivational n self enrichment n religious genre of books... sometimes, the "CATCHY" words/ advices that STUCK n reach my mind fastest was through reading a good reliable novel. So, that how i learn to listen more to people n helping giving them the advices somehow... teheeeeeee~

p/s: Happy Reading and really sorry if  ade terkasar bahasa tersilap kata terlebih mengata... toodles~

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