Tuesday, July 17, 2012

LabUaN tOur...

Hey.. yeah2.. disamping kita pegi conference harus pandai sambil menyelam minum air....ahhahaha... So,I went to Labuan last 2 weeks by Flight *direct flight dr KL LCCT, to Labuan Airport* which cost me around rm261 *pegi balik coz tiket promo.. ni da kira skali ngan luggage insurans bagai* that took about 2 hours journey time.

The flight depart at 7.35 am and I reach the land around 10.30 am... went to the hostel in Labuan city with someone who pick me up *about 10 minutes by taxi..if I’m not mistaken*... The hostel i book namely Uncle Jacks Bed and Breakfast backpackers hostel situated at level two of Olympic pool Centre  near to Utama Jaya supermarket. Paid only rm32 per night including breakfast *usually only cost around rm25 due to dormitory room* , my rent is a little bit expensive because I am alone and i Rent the dorm that can consist of 2 person *doubledecker bed* with air conditioner room. Murah kan??? :)

Because I've already read some review from the tourist who stay at any hotel in Labuan which is expensive with bad services, so, i try this hostel.. and Alhamdulillah, gain lotsa new experiences and got myself lots of new frens from all over the world. There only 2 restroom in the hostel and of course it was outside the room, ... having a kitchen and place to wash ur clothes and jemur2 di ampaian... the best part, it was only 5 minutes walk to the ferry terminal, and 5 minutes walk to pasar besar Labuan.

So, the arrival day, packing some things n borak2 ngan tuan hostel, rehat jap n after zohor... going out for a walk...Yup, motif utama adalah nak carik kat mana financial park*conference dalam tu* boleh pergi jalan kaki or should take a cab or what not.. So, i walk to Labuan city... dr kul 2.30- 6... Settle semua tempat ikut map... 0__O..

Ahahhahhaa.. yela .. kecik je Bandar Labuan tu.. plak tu, aku tak reti nak bawak skuter or keta.. so, harusla jalan2 pusing Bandar je.. kalau reti bleh pusing satu Labuan... bukan jauh pun..sehari da settle kot.. sumpah...

Dan disebabkan esoknya ade conference,so, basically, going back to hotel after da jumpe the ways to go to the Financial Park n be ready for next day...

Dan semestinya Day one, two n three... masa kat conference je.. Cuma malam2, sebab jumpe kawan2 baru, lepak makan ngan diorg kat restaurant bwh hostel or area Bandar..

Day three, sebab half day, conference da abih, balik hostel n check2 internet how to go to Brunei... *tell u in another entry okay?*

So, the day after the sightseeing in Brunei... Went to tour Labuan again for photo session... The thing that u need to do when travelling alone... Please!!! Bring the camera stand la bai!!! Ahahhahahah.. bodoh gile rasa set time lari2, sampai port, tetibe camera ko tebalik2 tak stabil kena tiup angin.. memang hangin la 2 3 kali jadik camtu.. ahhahahha.. But wot to do... nasib la.. LoL

I just went to several important tourist attraction such as Labuan Square, Financial Park bulding, Marine Museum, Ferry Terminal and opkos last but not least , Memorial Park of  World War II.

Labuan Island, have not many tourist attractions to say aloud but usually people go there to transit before go to Brunei Darussalam. Because of the cheaper accommodation n no-tax island, Labuan is famous with any imported chocolate, cigarettes and beers, whiskey or any related alcohol beverages.. as stated by Uncle jack.. Labuan selalu tak cukup roti, beras dan minyak... but never for beers.. hikhikhik... da dia Cina.. haku nak cakap hape.. 

Kalau kat KL rokok sekotak rega rm 5-6 hengget.. kat Labuan Cuma 70sen yup.. aku tak tipoooooooo!!! Sebabnya uncle jack tuan punya hostel tu yg gitau.. siap Tanya lagi ayah aku hisap rokok ke tak dia nak kasik.. ahahhahhaha

The best part for me opkos la shopping chocolate cam hagham tak ingat duit tgk2 duit da abes.. LoL..

p/s: As I went there for 6 days and 5 nights, the budget just around rm500... masa nak masuk brunei, i just change it into rm300... dapat BruneiDollar 120...hehe... sebab masuk sehari je tadek nak beli hape pun...

p/s/s: gambar post next entri sebab haku da nak balik bilik arini half day je keje n ready2 nak g Zumba.. till then u olls~

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