Wednesday, June 27, 2012

fUnNy yOu Mak bOnDa...

So, Last Sunday, i was calling Mom early in the morning talking stuffs n telling here n there bout my life, my problems, bla bla bla....when suddenly she stop silently...

I was like.. 
"Umi, r u there..."

Then heard her voice again like mumbling around n i was..
"ok Mom, what happen...."

Then she said..
"eh, tlepon umi smula la.. Umi ngatuk ni.. nok kecek nge Ba pun Ba duk kebun tanoh..."

I was like.. aik? 
"Abih bersepah2 td Nonie duk cito  tadi Umi dgr dop?"

Mom just giggling n said
"assalamualaikum...umi letok tlepon ni... ngaji sungguh" 

n toot...toot..toot....

I was.. wallawei Mak Bonda... aci gitu jah...ces... hampeh... nak kutuk lebih2 kang kena tulah anak tak mithali kang... adeh~

Again, today, when I was in Zumba Class when I heard my phone ringing few times and stop.  I noe that Mum’s calling me from the specific hp ringtone.. and as I notice the hp battery is in a critical condition. I just messaging her asking y. I was worried... is Dad doing ok or mum have something to talk about... *as my dad not in a good condition in nowadays time*

So, after class, walking to my hostel, I take the phone wishing to miscall her as azan Maghrib started, so, instead of calling, I just messaging her again asking what’s going on.

By 8 o’clock, the phone rang again while I was watching latest Running Man show . And hey, it’s Mom again... I just pick up the phone and said.. 

"Bakpo Mi?Ba sihat ko?"

Yes, without even giving salam.. LoL.. hey, I'm worried u noe..

Hearing me, she laugh n joke around with my manner n  i was like.. okeh.. they doing fine.. thank god.. fuh~

So, she’s nagging about how long I’m not calling them and she is calling because dad ask her to n he’s missing his daughter..That was what Mak Bonda said ok.. not me.. LoL...

Again I was like..
"Umi, Ijust call u on Sunday morning... but not talking to Ba"

When she suddenly felt silent n   
"eh, betul la eh nonie ade call..."

I was? Eh?
"Abih nonie duk bual ngan umi tu dekat setgh jam..."

n my mum said..
"Laaaaaa... umi ingat umi mimpi...tu ya umi duk oyak ko Ba, rasa macam ade anak hok call ari tu...."


Sadis la dapat Mak Bonda cenggini..boleh pulak org call tapi dia tgh mamai... LoL...Tapi sumpah kot  suara dia tak macam suara org baru bgn tido ke hape... lucu pun ade.. aduiya Mak Bonda ku sayang... IAiLebiUbEriBeriMac la.....ahahhahahhahhaha

p/s: Dun you think my Mum is adorable n Cute.. LoL...

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