Wednesday, May 16, 2012

nOt a LuCky dAy... :(

Ya allah... I just need to get this nerve out of my body... ya allah2... it was my amanah, my responsibility, yet, I couldn’t make it due to idiot little reason... 

Ah~ I was pointed to take over Dr. Syahriah place for her research methodogy class. Regardless I’m not yet qualified to teach the subject, I need to conduct  a quiz for postgraduate and undergraduate students.. As I’m not really alert with the message... I don’t do the double checked for this morning session n tomorrow’s session.. And guess what.. I switch it ... gosh... I mean between undergraduate class n postgraduate class...

There are suppose to be like this..

Post graduate class: Wednesday morning, 9.00-12.00 o’clock
Undergraduate class: Thursday afternoon, 3.30-6.30 o’clock

And hey!!! Today is Wednesday and all of them come sharp in time to class until past after 10... they thought Madam not going to make it.. Which supposedly, I’m the one who responsible to this situation..Ya Allah, my mind still sending the fact that the class today is for undergraduate student at 3.30 and tomorrow morning is for postgraduate student at 9..until I check back Wani’s (she’s R>A for Dr. Syahriah too n have a matter to be settle in her hometown)) reminder saying how’s the quiz today?

I was like... What? It in the afternoon right... then the fact hit my brain.. demmmmm.. the one that in the afternoon is on Thursday because today is Wednesday n we have our Pasar Malam.. n usually we r going back late from office because we need to shop in PaMal.. not because we usually in the class.. Ya allah, ya Allah... It’s totally cracked my head!!!!

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