Friday, May 4, 2012

aLLah bAgi cuTi...

The thing that I hate most monthly is my menstrual time, especially if I forgot to check the exact day/date and forget to look / check my calendar. Plus, eating sweet pineapples a day before like no 2morrow  n doesn’t drink the green tea hundreds litre. Gosh!!!!  it will ruin the entire week ...and the reasons are:

1) getting the severe PMS that usually cause me hard time like almost unconsciously when it attack, sitting in toilets almost an hour due to stomach aches but dun even peeing  or s****ing at all, severe backache and headache. *Nauzubillah*

2) Eating Disorder that usually doesn’t eating for the whole day and something drag until a day and a half. Plus, hate any types of rice and prefer western food / fast food *basically I’m not really into fast food*

3) Worst lazy mood ever. And I think if the Tsunami attack at that time, I just lazily lay on my bed doing nothing except looking at the ceiling... Like seriously!!!

4) Selekeh, serabai/ shabby or whatever u name it... because usually during my pms, I will get one or two shining pimple that will always appear and ruin my confident level. It always spotted in big, ‘red’den, shine n hurt like hell... heh~

5) Crying feeling... gosh, sometimes I thought that I can turn my pairs of eyes blind because I’m crying too much over a tiny2 problem and not even mean it to me like;u hear maher zain song, u cry, u call u niece, n u miss them, u cry, u talk to ur mom, n u get homesick, and it cause u to cry harder.

That’s the things that always make me hate menstrual period so much. The only things that make me happy during this time are:

1) I can playing with colour to draw my nails

2) I can read novel non-stop 4/5 books a day

3) Depend on day, I eat a lots or I dun eat at all

Thus, based on this poll... i do hate my period time like H**L because there's more drawbacks rather than advantages... i just hate it!!! ahhhhhh~*aigooooooo*

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