Wednesday, October 26, 2011

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Hurms... something that I  felt important and need to share with all of u... click the link's about :


I've known the story tru my bestfren- Puteri as we having a dinner together tonight. She also mention about a story which happens somewhere in overseas.

One muslim girl, walking along a quiet road when she saw one white man standing  near to a building. She felt nervous because the guy keep looking at her. But then, she pray to Allah to save her from anything bad that will occur on that day (nauzubillah). Then , alhamdulillah, she walk pass that guy. Later on the next day, she read a news about a lady being raped which actually happen at the same road that she went  n also  notice that the time between she walk pass it  n the accident happen is quite the same.

Fortunately, the rapist being arrested. n while inside the jail, the rapist was being interview on why did he choose the victim. n not the muslim lady as she also was alone on that time and the 1st one entering the quite road. However, when the rapist said: no, she's not alone, she walk pass me with 2 guys accompany her looking at him. that's y he choose the next person after the muslim girl.

Back then , they interview the muslim lady and asking about what happen. The muslim lady said that she walk alone but before passing the guy, she felt nervous n pray to God to save her from something bad n walk away.

p/s: one word from me... SUBHANALLAH.... Almighty God, He LOVES n CARE his servant very much...

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