Sunday, July 3, 2011

a nOtes tO wHo u kNoW u aRe... thAnK yOU vEry2 muCh fOr eVerYtHiNg...

Past 2 weeks, I was struggling in completing my thesis.. every day is my gloomy day as what u did is typing the project paper, calling home, crying, stressing, eating, n repeating the same stages for about 2 weeks... it started because of ur supervisor suddenly told u that u have to continue the thesis to the next semester which in ur mind u’ll be furthering the master. Thinking about how disappointed ur father will be, relatives perspectives towards u and other problems related, the full 7 days a week is fully occupied by crying every night n dun even concern about others people live. 

However, the way ur parent console u, the ways ur sibling support u, the way ur best frens encourage u, the way ur frens cheering after u do give u a lots of strength to fight back n be strong.. All the difficulties when being scolded by ur supervisor for submitting the thesis late,  the way he threaten you n even do not wanna meet u before ur depart to Korea on Friday morning is even scarier is totally find it way back.. For almost 3 days (when already in korea,) the gloomy n moody  feeling  was around u as u dunno what happen in Malaysia generally  neither ur supervisor approval signature for ur thesis is being handle to the office on the due date or not. 

As Allah knows best++ ur parents blessing n doa’, all the difficulties just go away n only bring a light that sunshine ur days.  Thank You Allah n Thank You Semua... I Lap u Lah!!!!

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