Sunday, July 3, 2011

Best Memory ever- Busan, Jeju-Do n Seoul

Last 10 days, having a vacation to Busan, Jeju Island n Seoul starting on 17th June to 27th June 2011 as participating an International Transportation Conference in ICC, Jeju-Do. The days there are also being filled with “jalan2 carik pasal + jalan2 carik makan” at Jeju-do, Busan  n Seoul... 

Even though the language barrier is too much to co-operate, we manage to enjoy the scenery n beautiful panoramic of 3 cities. Being a centre of attraction there for about 10 days due to “pakai tudung” reason,  do make us feel “ takpela kalau tak jadik public figure pun” LoL~ n yes, will uploading the pic later as the album was in fiza’s lappy.. memory card i full beb.. sekian.. (^_^)

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