Thursday, May 19, 2011

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Between my best girlfrens, which i really2 emotionally n physically attached .. puteri, min, syidah,  faseh,  auni,  yayah n suzu, 3 of us, 4 to be included me having n already gone through a severe family problems. Therefore, when it comes into how u facing the difficulties, it resulting u to become more matured day by day. However, when we facing each other, regardless trying to approach  the matured manner, we tend to behave childishly in order to stop thinking about the problems.

Between us, some of them, noe how hard i try to become a person with happy go lucky character instead of showing my boring face. The fact that, sometimes u tend to ignore the hurt that crush ur heart make ur behave more kiddie n doing stupid stuffs like went shopping like nuts eventhough the money suppose to be ur daily food supplier n so on. Hence, do reminds u outside that, no matter how bad the person behaving towards u, they do have their own reasons that linger around their heart n mind, so, please bear in mind that dun judge people foolishly regarding their manner if u really dunno them personally *sigh*

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