Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Just receive the email of confirmation of attendance from EASTS this morning.. n the letter said:

Hello Miss. Yaacob,

Confirming your attendance to the 9th EASTS Conference on June 20-23,
2011 at the International Convention Center(ICC), Jeju, Korea. The
conference registration fee is as below. (Including attendance to Welcome
Party, Keynote/Technical Sessions, Formal Opening Ceremonies, Technical
Tour, Closing/Farewell Party)

- Regular price
* Regular members: US$ 100
* Non-regular members: US$ 120
* Students: US$ 30

- Early registration price, this will apply for the both early
registration until March23rd and early payment until April 30th.
* Regular members: US $ 70
* Non-regular members: US $ 100
* Students: US$ 20

You can pay the registration fee through the web-site using your Credit
Card or at the conference site.

Thanks and regards,

Local Organizing Committee

the problem now is... where should i get the money amount approximately rm2000 so that i can happily going there n use their public transport... ah!!! RISAU~

p/s: Umi, boleh tak nonie gadai subang emas yang umi kasik ni yang tinggal sebelah je sebab sebelah lagi hilang ntah kemana kat kedai ar-rahnu??? arghhhh!!!! meroyan2...

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