Thursday, March 24, 2011

Strange Feeling equal to guilty Feeling

We just realize in Project Paper Last class with our Supervisor, Dr Azeez when He ask is it a burden for all of u to attend my class n keep laughing n laughing.. Back then we sense, something wrong somewhere in the middle…Assoc Prof. Dr Azeez Kadar Hamsa.. laughing continuosly.. oh really??? ok, that’s not right, soooooo not him.. knowing him for almost 4 years back, he’s not the type of happy go lucky lecturer…I mean, in front of us of course… He’s more suitable being cool, smile at certain point and strict lecturer. It suit him well.. not the “today” Dr Azeez.

When he keep asking our opinion about his class, his supervision… it feel like he’s trying to tell us something but in his own way... It feel strange… it did… yes, it really did.. Maybe certain times, I’m also making fun of him but deep in my heart, it always occurs when ur mood is going down n what he’s trying to advice is factually the truth.. Because u cannot blame urself therefore u tend to blame him… which is demmm u, he’s ur lecturer, do respect him please…U get what I mean, do you?

So, sir, if u really wanna noe, deep inside us, u r the one of the best URP lecturers who we do respect a lots… maybe some of our click dun understand the concept of our project paper class, but we, as ur supervisee really appreciates ur time, ur support, ur co-operation and ur patient having us, supervise us and proud of each of us. Therefore, really need to make u noe Sir, that we Love you as our beloved lecturer.. So, for any hurt feeling that u feel, we really would like to apologize and express regret. Last but not least… Dun trust other people opinion.. Just trust ur supervisee one… okeh?

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