Monday, March 7, 2011

my drEam cOme tRue... :p

Mmmmm... remember when i was craving for stilettos, digital compact camera n perfume? *Refer to these entries (Shoes), (Camera) and (Perfume) ...

Gotcha!!! Same colour, same brand but a different price as i got the discount due to Christmas Eve n New Year promotion.. wiiii~

Thanks to Tuminah... luv the flowery smell... yeahhhhhhhhh~
*hurm... walaupun tak sama ngan ape aku nak kat entry pasal perfume tu.. but at least she knows that i love the flowery fresh smell perfume.. heeeee~

Thanks to Puteri... love the velvet lining.. comfy n exclusive... oyeahhhhhh~
*4 1/2 inci je ... LoL~

Well, i got all of them on my birthday. hahaha.. n they are from myself to me, from putri aka Yang my closest bff and Min aka tuminah also my beloved bff. Thanks to them n me for the awesome gift.. Luv u girls~

* baju same kan? hahhahha.. love the shirt... but different venue, one in KAED n one in NUS

p/s: gambar bawah saje nak gediks... hahhahah

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