Tuesday, March 15, 2011

gOod oNe??? bAd One??? aHah~

When good news and bad news come at the same time… ah!!!! Demmmm

ok.. the bad news 1st… I have a fren.. used to be very2 good fren when I was in form 4 if I’m not mistaken… kindly name started with A.. ok, due to certain reasons, this guy told me that he like me… which I was stunned like OMJAYYYY… doing some slow talk.. back then, I told him just to be a fren-bestfren-like kinda relationship… unfortunately, he ashamed himself by trying to make me jealous which I am definitely not by telling me that he already have she… ahah!!! I was like? Heh? Ok, fine.. it’s cool.. but then, he was totally angry with my statement… and told me that he makes the story to make me jealous… ok… waddefish kan? Back to the track… we were lost contact when I was rather hate the way he try to push me to be his girl… and just now, he was.. hi Nonie, I’m A.. do u remember me…. Kindly add me as ur fren (in FB)… aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Do u noe that because of u I hate people who has the same name as u… hahhahhahahahhaha.. funny2 story.. heh~ really2 BAD NEWS for me that I wish I will not ... definitely not going to c0me across u / meeting u again…

the good one? Heeeeeeee~ No need to tell u.. but, if u noe who u r n I’m proudly wanna tell u that, U R STILL MY BFF…I’m so sorry too because being such a jerk to u, dun spend more time with u and still, till now, cannot reply ur message cause trying to give us both a time to think.. n if u read this my dearest best fren cik S… I think I need time too, to adjust the way / complicated time between us… maybe lets bygone be bygone.. but u now both of us are not so easy kindhearted girlfrens… 8 years maybe not really sufficient to add some flavor in our bff relationship… maybe I was too sensitive and skit2 pun nak kecik ati kan? So, if u read this.. really like to tell u that, u r my good news… hehe.. I LOVE U n I STILL DO.. just please gimme time to think too.. GOOD LUCK in ur Final Sem too … amin~

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