Monday, February 21, 2011

my cUtie piE~

I'm not feeling well lately... maybe due to the weather condition which is too hot nowadays.. Global warming is getting serious isn't it? as i'm not the medicine lovers, so, i took another initiative to help my body getting better... i'm only eating panadol active fast when i was having my pms sickness which is so damn hurt like hell... tapi kalau selagi boleh tahan, takkan amik panadol cause one tablet of it will remain in ur body for another 5 years and could cause ur kidney failure when u getting, i took this posyen...tadaaaaaaaaaaa~

it is a drinking bottle that I bought in Universal Studio in Singapore. cute isn't... really helpful in attracting me to drink a glass of water daily... * i mean, since the bottle is cute.. u tend to keep looking at it.. hahhahhahha*

owh... it look small, but quite big actually... * mind the background??? it's my new Ceongsam collection.. bought it at HK Ladies Market.. heeeeeee~

see, it is half bottle of this 100 plus.. usually i tend to put certain drop of syrup cordial to make the colour of the water more interesting..kehkehkeh.. *taleh lari dr sirap beb*

p/s: owh, already drink about 4 bottle of 100plus already, but still... maybe too much of small sins i've done, didn't i? LoL~

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