Wednesday, September 1, 2010

kEje + siGhTsEeiNg

I told u that i've been to Singapore last 2 weeks right? practically , i do some research there helping my Lecturer- Madam Syariah @ Dr. Yaya pertaining to their public transportation system, at the same time, having a wonderful time enjoying Singapore's environment.. no wonder its pull people to go there.. coz indeed, it is a beautiful country with a great town planning...

As usual when u r travelling outside ur beloved fill the form dude!!!

On the 1st day arrived, around 11pm-fatique and starve to death.. LoL~

2nd day- the "gediks" look as min saying... LoL~
at the same MRT Station nearby our hotel.. kehkehkeh

the sight-seeing day... on the way to Bugis Village to buy souveniers.. aHah, it was the Youth Olympic Games event as Singapore is the Host

The maskots of YOG in Singapore- Melly n Lyo if i'm not mistaken..
note: me in front, Fiza, n Madam behind us..

Inside Japanese shop- Muji's Store inside ION Orchard Mall... benti jap!! puasa kot~ penat2!!!

till then, see u later, gotcha class to attend at 10am.. chow~

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