Thursday, August 26, 2010

faLLiNg iN Love wiTh U~

aHah.. Almost 1 week with no entry right?.. kinda busy dowh…. Just wanna share with u something 2day…

Last weekend, I went to Singapore on Thursday night until Saturday night by flight from LCCT – Changi Airport. As I was having Transportation Quiz on the evening, I went there alone as my lecturer and 2 of my clicks went there by taking 7.50pm flight n me on 9.30pm. The journey took time about 1 hour (the same duration I went back to my hometown, Kelantan). Thanks to Nawwar and Remy for sending me to the LCCT Airport after the transporttion class that finish at 7… (hampeh sungguh, nasib baik da check in internet.. heh~)

I was helping my Madam doing some research regarding the Public Transportation Modes such as train, bus n taxi. To be honest, I just fell in love with that country... no wonder people keep going n live there, because I felt the same feeling too... Dear God, it was a cool n vibrant country pertaining to their environment and everything…Most happy time was when u r using their public transportation… Wallawei!!!! I LIKE!!! I also try the MRT, Taxi n Bus n yes!!!indeed, I will say- WOW!!!! I’M LOVIN IT!!!

The MRT is so efficient the 90% accurate waiting time.. so do the bus, every 10 minutes, it just come n go without u have to wait the bus fully occupied or not at all ( Bukan macam kat Kelantan yang kena tunggu bas 3 jam baru sampai umah.. bukan jugak macam kat uia yang kena tunggu sejam baru sampai terminal gombak.. heh~)and u know what, their taxi have the most expensive grade too.. they got the JAGUAR taxi u noe!!! Yes, the jaguar brand becomes their taxi… (bapak gile kiteorg kagum nak mati bila tetibe ade satu keta benti kat tepi=keta jaguar tetibe nyala lampu kat atas keta tu tulis TAXI.. ok, siyesness memang mulut nganga..hahhahhaa) how much it cost? Have no idea..n the most best part is when u r waiting for the bus to come, there will be no people going to cut ur line.. haha.. y did Malaysia especially Kuala Lumpur do that??? I have no idea then.. but then, as I recall, there is only 1 station at LRT Pasar Seni that use kinda same approach.

By the by, y did I speak English here? Hahhahahha.. ok2.. sorry2.. terpengaruh ngan Singapura jap..

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