Tuesday, July 20, 2010

hAvE 2 b sTrOnG...

It almost 2 weeks has no entry being written. And it almost 2 weeks starts the new semester of 4th year student in IIUM. The first week of new semester that full of commitment like having a meeting as being assigned to be a committee in INTACT 2010 aka Taaruf week for a new batch of URP, attending Young Planner Group (YPG) –Round Table discussion in MIP (Malaysia Institute of Planner) Kelana Jaya and busy doing thing pertaining to the add n drop subject session…Alhamdulillah, on the 2nd week, things going smoothly..

As mum coming to KL last Saturday, it was a blessed if I met her..but unfortunately, due to INTACT 2010 committee, at 6.30 on Sunday evening, we were still in Kem Lembah Genting, Ulu Yam as having a problem with the IIUM bus. So, can’t meet Mommy whom her flight time is at 9pm something. (But she miss the plane..hahhahahha..umi2…so funny u). The most wanted thing that I wanted to write is…. I MISS Them so much…even calling n sms , can make me burst into tears… it is not due to people said that I “manja”-kind-of- thing, but it just happened. For 3 months through difficulty of having a family problems n money crisis, it cause u a fragile heart when u r far away.

To be honest, I’, just calling mum n talk only to her, kak na, n kakak. Still didn’t talk to Ba as I know, I will definitely crying like a baby after that…even when talking to mum, u r sobbing, then how to manage the feeling when u r talking with dad.And indeed, I have no idea why did I wrote this entry in English. It just feels lots of thing in my mind n the homesick person I had in me just getting worst. But for sure, I need to be strong to undergo this circumstances.Yes, have to be very2 strong n brave…. Chaiyo2 Nonie, u can do it.. FIGHTING!!!

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