Saturday, July 24, 2010


Being assigned as a asst patrol to Jimi- the Patrol leader of BRAVO Group. And Pah or Kak Intan(hahhahahhaha) as a asst patrol 2 of Bravo Group. Consist of 12 members who is 2 persons from 2nd year students- Sonia n Ikhsan n 7 people of 1st year students- Fuad(group Leader), Nizar, Akif, Sarah, Bana n Shir n one of them who is taking MC- azreen. Fuad n Sarah (also my junior in Maahad- demmm, I didn’t noe her but she recognize me.hahahhahha..malu2..nampak sangat jahat kat skolah..kehkehkeh) who are from Kelantan. Nizar from JB, Akif, Bana n Shir who is from Selangor, Azreen, from Penang, Sonia from Terengganu n Ikhsan…er,er,,,I just forgot to ask we did he come from…sorry san..akak lupe..LoL~

THEM, the most sporting junior we ever had n met~ yeah!! korang memang rock!!!

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