Friday, March 27, 2009

owH...aku taDak kEjo.... (",)

Patutnya aku datang cab lab untuk menyiapkan 3Dmax..tapi aku takdek, aku buat keje tak berfaedah kat fb then copy kat sini..Enjoy!!!

Nonie took What Is Your Indian Name quiz and the result is Red Hawk
You are really brave and strong.

Nonie took What does your eyes say... quiz and the result is Bubbly
Your eyes always has a smile in them!! Your all about having fun and parting the night away... Your up for any adventure and isn't shy at all

Nonie took What kind of Mother are YOU? quiz and the result is Susie Homemaker
You my dear are a Susie Homemaker!!! Walk into your house and the sweet smell of baking is in the air!!! There are fresh flowers placed by the front foyer, in the ladies room and at the bedside table. The childrens artwork is on full display in the kitchen and not on magnets but hung on the wall perfectly. You my dear have a craft center for the children, scheduled playdates weeks in advanced and annual parties that no one else can live up too. The only little secret you carry is that if things weren't so tidy you'd crack! It's ok though!!! Be who you are.. just try to let loose once in a while and find some time to play in that sand box with the kids and get a little dirty too!!!

Nonie took What flower represents you? quiz and the result is Sunflower
You are energetic and have a natural influence on others. You tend to be very upbeat and laugh often. People enjoy being around you. Only a few of the reasons you have so many friends. GREAT!

Nonie took Attitude test quiz and the result is calm and quiet
you are the sort of person who likes to take life slowly... just one day at a time.. you usually know the differnce between right and wrong. you believe in yourself. you put yourself in other peoples shoes and see howit feels to be them and then handle a situation accordingly.your attitude towards life is very positive.... you are liked by all and are a great friend.the flip side is that sometimes you care too much about other people and dont do what you really wanna do..

Nonie took What Element Are You? quiz and the result is Wind
You logicalize everything and think through before you take action.

Nonie took What is Ur Smiley?? quiz and the result is Smiley
You are up lifting and talented!!

Nonie took What's your personality quiz and the result is Girlie
you love pretty coulours pink, purple, turquoise. You like to where dresses and skirts!

Nonie took What type of shoe defines you? quiz and the result is You are defined by Ballet Slippers
You are elegant and demur. You have a classic style all your own that others often imitate, but never duplicate. You are genuine and one a kind.

Nonie took what is your favourite colour? quiz and the result is red

Nonie took What color is your aura? quiz and the result is Blue
Blues are the most caring, nurturing and protective personalities in the color-spectrum. They live out of their hearts and their emotions. Their life purpose is to serve, help, and love others. Blues have an inner knowledge and wisdom and they feel and know what is right without needing facts or data for substantiation. The moment they become quiet inside, they will recognize or hear an inner voice or guidance, which will tell them what to do. They can easily tune into other people and feel precisely what is going on. Blues are the most emotional of all the color personalities. They often feel lost if they don't have the opportunity to clear their way through their intense jungle of deep feelings. Helpful activities for Blues would include talking with friends about their inner life, writing a journal or just being quiet so their intense emotions can calm down.

Nonie took What kind of animal are you? quiz and the result is bird
your a very adventorours person you love flying and visiting places all over the world.

Nonie took WHAT DO PEOPLE THINK OF YOU AT FIRST SIGHT? quiz and the result is you are funny:)
People like you as soon as they see you! You look sincere and trust worthy!

Nonie took what kind of car would you get quiz and the result is a ferrarie
you might be able to get this car

Nonie took what are you born to do? quiz and the result is best at everything
you are the social person who make usefull contacts. you introduce important people to influencial people and always reap some sort of reward as a result...but you dont enjoy the spotlight as much. you prefer to stay in the back as there is more room to strech and you like the feeling that you are the one with the power and most of the time that is true... you will do well in almost anyfield you know how to flater without being to obivous and you can make just about anyone like you

Nonie took What Kind Of Friend Are You? quiz and the result is Smart Guy
The kid in the group who can come up with someting credible to laugh at anytime. Sometimes called called the local Jackass, you're appreciated and only one person like you can come in a lifetime. The funny guy is usually the quickest to the draw, 1.3333... seconds is your record speed to date and growing! Your knowledge is your advantage along with your imagination.

Nonie took Which Zodiac Sign Are You Most Compatible With? quiz and the result is Aries
You are most compatible with ARIES! I'm sure most of your friends are Arians! Together you're going to rock! The Arian is a pioneer both in thought and action, very open to new ideas and a lover of freedom. They welcome challenges and will not be diverted from their purpose except by their own impatience, which will surface if they don't get quick results. Arians are frank, direct and candid, and make enthusiastic and generous friends. Mentally Arians are intellectual and objective, but can be in rare situations bigoted and extremist in religion and politics. They are good champions of lost causes and last-ditch resistance. They are quick-witted but sometimes foolhardy and over optimistic.

Nonie took What color are you? quiz and the result is You are RED!
You like to be loud an vibrant when the time is right but you know when to hang back and be subtle.

Nonie took Where Should You Be Living? quiz and the result is San Francisco
You have a hippy side to you, and you should be living in San Francisco! You are a very open, accepting person who wants to be around other cultured but laid back people just like you. You also enjoy a temperate climate where it never gets too hot. Come to San Francisco!

Nonie took How Kelantanese are you? quiz and the result is A True Kelantanese!
GREAT! You know A LOT about Kelantan! You must have spent years in Kelantan or have extremely good geography knowledge. Gomo Kelate Gomo! :p

n it's really me!!! hahahhaha..chow then!


Anonymous said...

wind = tornado!lalala

thE^DuCheSs said...

siapakah anda??? sila tonjolkan diri....

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Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
I've been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

Thumbs up, and keep it going!


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